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(but some players require: http://radio-shoppe.ydns.eu:8000/stream.m3u)

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Eastern Time

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The Full Schedule

The Relax Wave
- Every Day from 02h to 07h
The Gym (Mini) Wave
- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 06h to 07h
- Every Day from 06:44h to 06:47h
The Day Wave
- Every Day from 07h to 19h
The Blues
- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 07h to 08h
Just the 80s
- Tuesday, Thursday from 12h to 13h
The Nite Wave
- Every Day from 19h to 02h

Technical Details

All songs are sorted into three categories:
  • "A" songs are the best, catchiest, and most timeless. The ones you could listen to all day every day.
  • "B" songs are the most interesting. Not quite good enough be an A song like Rebecca Black's "Friday" but not complete garbage either like literally everything from Insane Clown Posse. There are many B songs that are on the cusp of being an A song.
  • "C" songs generally suck. But like above, there are some that may be almost or already a B.
Until March 2023, playlists were created that were 60% A songs,30% B songs, and 10% C songs. And then someone said, "Why play the C songs at all? which was a good point. The excuse could have been that there weren't enough songs in the DB, but that's no longer the case. So now we play a 60/40 split of A/B songs and we have a "C Hour" a couple of times per week where you can decide if there is anything there that deserves promotion.

The Waves

Songs during the day used to be sorted by BPM using an algorithm to make a rising, then falling "wave". While this sorting seems to work well at night for some reason. It didn't work during the day. What happened instead is that the same few songs sharing a similar BPM were always played at the same time per day. All songs have already been sorted into day, nite, and relax by ear, so for the time being the day list will be random. Jingles are still inserted into the day wave every 6 songs.

Songs at night are sorted from fastest BPM to slowest so that by the time the Relax wave arrives, the nite wave is playing its slowest songs. Jingles are inserted into the nite wave every 8 songs.

Relax wave songs aren't sorted because they're already really slow. Think ... whales singing. No jingles are played during the Relax wave.

  • 3.5 listeners listening
  • 4627 songs in the DB made up of: 2485 artists
  • sorted into Grade A: 1574, Grade B 1849, and Grade C: 1180
  • consisting of: 3171 day, 1355 nite, and 71 relax songs
  • spanning: 90 genres, including: Other, Progressive, and Blues.
  • 50's: 45 60's: 90 70's: 254 80's: 532 90's: 1295 00's: 2384
  • There is also: 4513 cover art in the DB.

See the .js for more on this.
March 1936. "Arne Hemingway / the radio-shoppe.com premises. -- Pee Pee Township, Ohio" 32x40 glass negative
Early days of radio-shoppe. Thanks to our generous benefactors, we have much more palatial digs today.