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Goodnight, Travel Well by The Killers
Before that: Hide And Seek by Howard Jones


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Technical Details

Songs during the day are sorted by BPM using an algorithm to make a rising, then falling "wave". Jingles are inserted into this wave every 6 songs.   Songs at night are sorted from fastest BPM to slowest so that by the time the Relax wave arrives, the nite wave is playing the slowest songs. Jingles are inserted into this wave every 8 songs.   Relax wave songs aren't sorted because they're already really slow. No jingles are played during the Relax wave.

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There is also: 4636 cover art in the DB.

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General Electric operated two shortwave stations in Schenectady, NY - WGEA and WGEO - but their signals did not reach across the Pacific Ocean. GE's solution was to build a new shortwave facility in California.